Naked Dead Mines Run

Looking back thru the images and came across a bunch of screen grabs from the guilds naked run thru the Dead Mines.

Enjoy! Makes me miss the good old days of wasting time in World of Warcraft.

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  1. WearyTraveler Says:

    Greetings any and all weary travelers of the internet wastes. As the cold wind blows and night falls, boredom once again takes its grasp. These times have once again found me wandering the outskirts of the internet, dusting off old cites and rediscovering that which brought joy to many long ago. Today finds me commenting on relics of friends and forgotten bonds. Laughter echoes from these pictures; taken as friends and comrades in arms fought and checked dat night elf ass. Long before the world was divided and players were sequestered within boring instanced housing, when the worst thing Blizzard could do was leaving players to the mercy of mythic garrosh for 14 months. These relics I find today, and I wonder what tomorrow may bring.

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